The Magic 8 Moves

They tighten everywhere (each move enlists multiple muscle groups) and you won’t get bored or plateau. Do the moves back-to-back and you can check cardio off your list, too—your heart will thump as much as if you were jogging or climbing stairs. Translation: Mega calorie burn is in the bag.

All you need is a can-do attitude! Perform as many reps of each move as possible for 1 minute, then go to the next without resting. Repeat the sequence once, for a total of 16 minutes. Do the workout three or four times weekly, and jot down reps to chart success. Don’t wait another second—begin now!

Check out these 5 workouts that will take you to the max.


up and over

Works: Shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, abs, butt, thighs, hamstrings

Assume an inverted-V position but with knees bent. Keeping arms straight and heels lifted, walk feet out to side just beyond right hand (as shown, left). With arms locked, knees bent and legs together throughout, hop legs up (as shown, right) and over to opposite side of mat. Then spring to other side of mat for one rep. Continue alternating sides for one minute.


jump kick

Works: abs, butt, thighs

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Raise right knee so thigh is parallel to ground, hands in loose fists near chin. Engage abs to stabilize as you hop onto right leg, kicking left leg forward (as shown); finish with left leg up, knee bent, thigh parallel to ground. Repeat kick on opposite side for 1 rep. Continue, alternating sides, for one minute.


abs sprawl

Works: abs, back, thighs

Sit with back at a 45-degree angle, knees bent, feet 6 inches off ground, holding knees with both hands to start. Hold for two seconds, then release knees, extending legs and arms (as shown) for two seconds. Return to start for one rep. Continue for one minute.


ready set go

Works: butt, thighs, hamstrings

Stand with feet hip-width apart, left foot in front of right. Crouch until left thigh is parallel to ground, left heel on ground, right leg extended with heel lifted. Rest chest on left thigh; place fingertips on either side of foot (as shown, left). Keeping fingertips on ground, tap right toes to left heel (as shown, right), then back to start for one rep. Quickly drive right leg in and out for 30 seconds. Switch sides; repeat for 30 seconds.

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